How Coaching Works

You want to…

• Identify ways to change your life for the better
• Find an optimal balance for your family, work and social life
• Make career changes or start a new career
• Lose weight
• Revise and improve your nutritional and/or other lifestyle choices
• Improve your general health, fitness, wellness and well being
• Overcome the effects of earlier poor health and lifestyle choices
• Stick to a commitment you’ve made to improve your lifestyle
• Move forward, change, develop, improve any given area of your life


Together we will…

• Clarify your motivation and goal for changing your life in positive ways
• Identify ways forward with clarity and confidence and remove real (or perceived) barriers to progress
• Feel positive and dynamic about taking up the challenge
• Understand why past attempts may have been unsuccessful
• Work out a realistic strategy and timeline for change, and follow it up
• Recognize how to sustain long-term, lasting benefits
• Turn day-dreams into reality and bring a new sense of fulfillment and inner peace to your life
• Address your specific personal goals and objectives
• Celebrate your successes


I pledge to apply the following principles:

• You are the best expert on your life – yesterday, today and tomorrow
• A person’s past is no indication of their future
• People’s beliefs about what is possible are their only limits
• The coach does not provide the answers – simply helps you to ask the right, powerful questions
• All coaching is completely confidential
• I am impartial, non-judgmental, inspirational


Your success and results and continuing journey of self-development…

The objective is for you to gain an optimal balance in your family life, work life, social life, health and wellness and self-worth. Our partnership is based on confidentiality, integrity, honesty, respect and an absolute, unfaltering belief in all our ability to achieve our true potential in all areas of our choice and of our life. I truly believe that in order to establish sustainable positive change and direction you have to be the one making the choices for yourself. You are the only true expert in all spectrums of your life.


The process in short…

Engaging in coaching is a powerful, practical and forward-looking way to gain clarity on what you want to improve or change in your life and how to go about it and how to achieve your goals and manage life change and personal challenges in a constructive, dynamic way. It’s a support system to empower you and to keep you positive, motivated, energetic, dynamic and moving in the right direction and help you to recognize and subsequently remove real or perceived barriers to progress towards the realization of your dreams and goals. It provides an external perspective, like a mirror, on your life, whilst always leaving you in the driver’s seat.

During our sessions, you’ll be considering and answering powerful questions which allow you to gain sometimes surprising insights into your world and your thoughts. You’ll be challenging your beliefs and freeing yourself from your often self-imposed barriers.

Regular sessions, by phone or in a group, provide focus and inspiration and ensure a movement forward.


Have any questions?
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